OC Clean A Can provides a unique solution whereby we clean, deodorize and sanitize commercial trash bins in a highly sophisticated self contained method that not only conserves water and reduces germs and bacteria but also is a key component in keeping communities healthier and looking better.


OC Clean A Can’s wash cycle uses a very small amount of water to thoroughly clean & sanitizes each trash container. Less water is used in 2 years of our monthly cleanings than would be used for a single cleaning by someone using a hose to rinse out the container which then would typically drain into the storm drains leading to the ocean.


The process we use is automated and fully self- contained and no run off enters the storm drains. This not only prevents water from being wasted but also prevents the cleaning solutions and refuse from these containers ending up in the storm drains. All of the water OC Clean A Can disposes of is reclaimed and all products used are biodegradable. We are the preferred provider of this service to the largest waste hauler in the USA.


How do customers and communities benefit professional cleaning of trash cans on a regular basis?

  • Improved family healthReduced exposure to e-coli, salmonella, feces and other hazards by killing 99% of the bacteria in your can.
  • Deodorize –   We eliminate the unpleasant odors that come from our trash cans that we all have from time to time.
  • Clean – The look and overall cleanliness of your container is greatly improved.
  • Piece of mind – Knowing that all efforts are made to professionally and responsibly clean your containers in an environmentally friendly manner that saves water while helping to protect our environment and enhancing our communities.

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