Trash Can Cleaning Service – Servicing Orange County Since 2007

Now one of the dirtiest jobs has become an automated and environmentally safe activity.

The Problem

We Americans put everything in our trash cans, from food waste to fecal contaminated matter. The plastic trash cans that we roll to the curbside each week have definitely made trash storage and disposal easier, but they have become the most unhygienic item in the home and workplace. Even after they are emptied, harmful germs, bacteria and food related molds are left behind. In addition to an offensive odor, dirty trash cans attract unwanted pests and are a breeding ground for insects such as spiders, ants and flies. Today there is a growing awareness of the importance of having and maintaining a clean and sanitized trash can.

However, cleaning these cans presents a serious problem. Besides being a health risk directly related to the harmful residue in the can, there is a negative environmental impact to cleaning these trash receptacles. How can you do it without using gallons of water and then how do you dispose of the contaminated water? By California law, this bacteria-loaded water is not allowed to enter the storm drains. Even if the runoff could be contained, hosing down the trash can uses gallons of water and does not sanitize nor adequately clean the can. The solution to this problem is OC Clean A Can trash can cleaning service.

The Solution

The OC Clean A Can service is more than just cleaning the trash can. Our customers recognize the importance of a regularly sanitized trash can and having it deodorized is a definite benefit. While primarily aimed at the residential market, the service also cleans commercial trash bins.

The trash cans are cleaned, sanitized and deodorized right at the customer’s curb once a month. Proprietary biodegradable cleansing agents and sanitizers are applied during the process which uses high pressure, high velocity wash heads. An advanced internal filtration system conserves water and keeps everything self contained. Nothing enters the storm drains and thereby further protects the ocean. At the end of the cleaning day, the waste water is properly disposed of at a regulated grey water dumping station.

OC Clean A Can with its mobile Eco Smart Cleaning Machine resolves the conflict between living with foul smelling, unsanitary trash cans and the negative environmental impact of residents and businesses cleaning these cans themselves. Problem solved.

Our Vision

To provide the residents and businesses of South Orange County the highest quality of trash can cleaning while simultaneously assisting in reducing community health risks and promoting environmental responsibility. This is accomplished by reducing the health risks associated with unsanitary trash containers, reducing urban runoff, and conserving water.