Flies use it as an incubator.

The raccoons keep it cleaner than you do.

The perpetual slime at the bottom is advancing up the sides.

Your kids want to use it for their next science project.

The fuzzy looking growth at the bottom really is mold.

No way would you go dumpster diving looking for any lost item including your keys, wallet or cell phone.

You hold your breath and look away every time you open the lid.

Your neighbors can smell them from their front door.

You’ve emptied an entire can of air freshener into it and it still stinks.

You use a designated “Hazmat” outfit for taking out the trash.

You can barely get a trash can to the curbside because you can’t hold your breath that long.

By the time you get it to the curb, the ants are crawling up your arms.

Just going near them requires a long hot shower.

Your neighbor calls us and requests we leave our marketing flyer on your door.

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