Doctors rarely make house calls and a milkman delivering glass bottles to the front porch almost as unusual, but a new breed of business is making its mark with at-your curb services ; the mobile trash can cleaning services.

DPM Services Corp. operating as O.C. Clean A Can, started the mobile trash can cleaning service in 2007.  Their Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Hanna’s restaurant in Rancho Santa Margarita was attended by 40  city dignitaries from the surrounding area, South Orange County Regional Chamber of Commerce members and  business leaders from the local communities.

This unique business offers our communities a service that is being accepted most favorably. While very common in Europe, here in the US this is brand new and receiving extremely favorable responses.

The service the company provides cleans sanitizes and deodorizes trash cans right at the customers curb once a month the day after the customer regularly scheduled pickup day. While primarily aimed at the residential market, the service also cleans commercial trash bins.

Proprietary biodegradable  cleansing agents and sanitizers are applied during the process which uses high pressure, high velocity wash heads and with an advanced internal self filtration system keeping everything self contained and as a result no pollutants are put into our storm drains which drain directly into our nearby ocean.

Trash cans can be foul smelling and an eyesore and in addition also be is a breeding ground for germs, insects and bacteria which can pose a threat to ourselves, families, pets and neighbors.

Regular cleaning  not only reduces the high levels of harmful bacteria that can easily transfer to human being and pets while at the same time keeping the trash cans not only looking good but smelling clean and fresh.

Do  it for your family.

Do  it for your Neighborhood.

Do  it for the environment.


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