We Americans put everything in our trash bins, from food waste to fecal contaminated matter. The introduction of the trash bin has definitely made trash storage and disposal easier, but it has become the most unhygienic item in the home and workplace. Even after the trash bin is emptied, harmful bacteria, viruses and food related molds are left behind. In addition to an offensive odor, a dirty bin attracts unwanted pests and is a breeding ground for insects such as ants and flies. Today there is a growing awareness of the necessity of maintaining a clean, sanitized and deodorized trash bin.

Problem: Dirty Trash Cans

Cleaning these receptacles does present a serious environmental problem. How can it be done without using many gallons of water and where do you dispose of this water, which is laden with bacteria, detergent, and disinfectant? The exact environmental impact of hosing down the bin, cleaning it with detergent, adding disinfectants, and then allowing all of this to enter the storm drains, has yet to be assessed. Nevertheless, the contaminated waste water from cleaning the vast amount of trash bins here in the County of Orange does end up in our lakes, rivers and ocean. To make matters worse, in the summer months as the temperature rises, the number of the cleanings increases dramatically.

Solution: OC Clean A Can Trash Can Cleaning Service

OC Clean A Can provides a curbside trash can cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing service to meet the residential and commercial needs of the health and environmental conscious resident and business, who find it difficult, unpleasant and time consuming to perform the necessary cleaning. OC Clean A Can uses a specially designed, fully contained mobile washing system.

How: At Your Curbside

The trash bin is lifted into the washing position by a hydraulic lift. This curtails the health risk to the operator from handling a heavy and unhygienic bin. The bins are lowered over high velocity wash heads. The inside of the bin is blasted with water containing a biodegradable cleansing and sanitizing agent. During the cleaning process, the operator uses a hand held high pressure washer to clean the exterior and the lid. The bin is then lowered, wiped, and deodorized with a long acting fragrance. All waste water is collected, filtered and recycled within the washing unit. Any waste material collected from the bin during the cleaning process is bagged, sealed and returned to the container.

Because the Eco-Smart trucks have an advanced, self-contained, five stage filtration system, a minimal quantity of water per receptacle is used and appropriate precautions and system design ensure that waste water does not enter the storm drainage system. At the end of the cleaning day, the waste water is properly disposed of at a regulated grey water dumping station.


Whenever even a small amount of pollution gets into the ocean, it damages the environment. Most people don’t realize that the simple act of cleaning a trash bin, inevitably adds up to a major problem especially in an area such as Orange County where we have several million residents and businesses in close proximity to our nearby ocean. To decrease the threat to public health, safety, and the environment, we need to contain the run off produced. Even the smallest behavioral changes we make as a society will have a positive effect and contribute to a greener and healthier environment. OC Clean A Can with its mobile Eco Smart Cleaning Machine resolves the conflict between living with foul smelling, unsanitary trash cans and the negative environmental impact of residents and businesses cleaning these cans themselves.



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