Bird Droppings on Trash Can Lids Are a Health HazardPeople who would never tolerate a colony of rats living around their trash cans will turn a blind eye towards bird droppings on the can’s lid. When homeowners think of pest management, they automatically think of controlling termites, spiders, ants, and rodents. Birds usually are not considered major pests, but they can and do cause serious problems for people. The general public’s affection toward birds translates into a serious underestimation of the health risks associated with birds. Birds
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Biodegradable Does Not Mean Environmentally FriendlyThere is a misconception about biodegradable soap. Many people with good intentions use biodegradable soap to clean their garbage cans and thinking that it is environmentally friendly, will allow the waste water to flow freely down the gutter. Biodegradable soaps should be used over other soaps; but they still need to be used at least 200 feet from any water source, including our storm drains. Using a biodegradable soap doesn’t reduce its immediate environmental impact, it just means that the
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