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“Since 2007, we provide a mobile Trash Can Cleaning Service in Orange County for both residential and commercial trash cans. Although we do offer a onetime service, our customers recognize the importance of a regularly sanitized trash can and having it deodorized each month is a definite benefit. “

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Why Do It

We may live in a disposable society, but unfortunately, the health risks associated with our trash will linger even after the trash is picked up.

Service Options

Monthly Service

Keep Them Clean
1st can $7.75 per month. Additional cans $5.25 per month

One Time Service

Get Them Clean
Up to 2 cans for $25
Additional cans $10 each

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We are located in Southern Orange County, California

Now one of the dirtiest jobs has become an automated and environmentally safe activity. We Americans put everything in our trash cans, from food waste to fecal contaminated matter. The introduction of the plastic trash can has definitely made trash storage and disposal easier, but it has become the most unhygienic item in the home and workplace. Even after the trash cans are emptied, harmful germs, bacteria and food related molds are left behind. In addition to an offensive odor, dirty trash cans attract unwanted pests and are a breeding ground for insects such as ants and flies. Today there is a growing awareness of the importance of having and maintaining a clean and sanitized trash can.


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You're service is amazing. I never thought my garbage can could get so clean and smell so good. An added

Capistrano Beach, Orange County, CA